Why Does It Matter?

Threads That Tie Us will bring you to places beyond your daily reach and shed light on those whose stories have never been told.

There are a mere 400 Halari Oshwals in Canada and only 80,000 around the world. Yet they make a huge impact by giving back to the communities where they live and many still follow Jainism – a religion that even Mahatma Gandhi adopted. Oshwal communities worldwide unfailingly support each other. The role of identity and belonging is crucial, especially in a world which continues to divide and fragment individuals from their communities. Because of this, the search for one’s ancestry and heritage is on the rise.

This film will be both a source of entertainment and non-didactic education that will be used as a cornerstone for families to discuss their heritage, roots and identity. By educating audiences of the group’s existence, while also providing Oshwal communities with documentation of their people, Threads That Tie Us strives to initiate conversations about the tradition and culture, relative to contemporary society and diverging generations.