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Why Does It Matter?

Threads That Tie Us will bring you to places beyond your daily reach and shed light on those whose stories have never been told. There are a mere 400 Halari Oshwals in Canada and only 80,000 around the world.

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Your Financial support is inherent to this film being made. The Threads That Tie Us will be left as a legacy for the Halari Oshwals. It will certainly impact the way we see ourselves in a new world community.

The Official Teaser Trailer for Threads That Tie Us:

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Is It Important To Maintain One’s Own Mother Tongue?

Is It Important To Maintain One’s Own Mother Tongue?

Most of us today use English to communicate. We also think in English. If this is the case, how do we maintain Gujarati as a language if we cannot express ourselves in it? This is an interesting Podcast that was on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s Radio.

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