Although the “Shah” surname is commonly used by Oshwals, every Oshwal has a unique surname that he or she identifies with. For example, my surname is Dodhia. Watch this video for the history of this surname.

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Chandaria Surname Origin

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The Chandaria surname goes back to 840+ years in history

“Chandaria” surname is derived from the Rajput Dynasty

The prosperous city of Chandravati near mt. Abu was
attacked and looted by Mahmud Ghazni
in Vikram Samvat 1081.

Many people migrated to Osiya Nagari for safety.
Then, close to Osiya Nagari, they built a town and
named it Chandavalia in the memory of their old town Chandravati.

The name Chandavalia town evolved to Chandalia.
The residents of this town converted to Jainism and became a part of the Oshwal community and accepted Chandalia as their gotra

On migration from Kutch to Halar,
the Chandalia gotra evolved to Chandaria

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Haria surname Origin

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The Haria surname goes back to 800+ years in history
“Haria” surname is derived from the Rajput Dynasty
Shri Ranmalji was a Kshatriya of Parmar lineage staying in a village near Bhinmal in Jhalore district of Rajasthan.
His son, Hariakumar was born on the seventh day of Krishna Paksh of Margashirsh month in Vikram Samvat 1245.
Years later, newly married Hariakumar was bit by a poisonous snake while in sleep.He became semi comatose.
His relatives believed him to be dead and were preparing his body to be cremated.
Param Pujya Acharya Shri Dharmaghosh Suriji happened to be in the town at that time.
He heard people crying and asked to see the body.
Realizing that Haria was not dead but in a coma due to the effect of the poison,
Acharya Shri revived Haria by reciting a sacred mantra and removing the poison from his body.
Listening to the religious discourse of Acharya Shri Dharmaghosh Suriji, all families of the village including the family of Ranmalji embraced Jainism.
The Sangh of Bhinmal accepted Ranmalji and his entire family into Oshwal community in Vikram Samvat 1266.
Henceforth, Haria became the Gotra of his descendants.
HariaKumar also built a Derasar (jain temple) of Shantinath Prabhu near Bhinmal in Vikram Samvat 1296.
The Haria legacy continues…

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